Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's new

So, after giving up on my previous attempts at blogging, I am now inspired by my fellow Christian Artists Street Team (CAST) to give this another try.
First of all, we at have decided to avoid the whole CSPIA problem by unlisting our baby quilts. Not that we are angry or anything like that, we are simply confused as to the terms of the stay that was granted. So, until things are clearly stated, we will not be listing baby quilts. We are however listing baby fabrics. We have a few pieces up right now as well as a few quilt kits to make your own heirloom.
We have also opened up another store. You can view it at We have a wide variety of items there to choose from for all your gift giving needs. Even if it's a gift for you.:) This shop is home to the things we create by crocheting and knitting, home decor items, some items made with yo yos and a few simple note cards.
I have since learned a lot about things that might give you a laugh. For example, I do believe I know how to copy and paste now. I have owned a computer for 9 years and
am just figuring that out!:) So, hopefully I will be able to provide you with a more interesting and photo filled blog.


Kathleen said...

Welcome back to blogging =) I think it's lots of fun! Cute purse! Such a bummer about your quilts - I loved them =( I couldn't get one because our next little baby will be adopted... sometime! LOL! Not quite the same as get the ultrasound and figure out the date pretty close! haha - but the element of excitement is lots of fun!
God bless,
also a CAST Team member =)

Lucy79 said...

Looks great so far Stasi!


Luscious Lather said...

I love these - they are so pretty! ♥Diane